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Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces
   Serious Risks To Your Health


 Alzheimer's Disease?

Men and women who exercise at least a few times a week and eat a sensible diet reduce their chances of developing Alzheimer's by as much as 50 percent in their elderly years. People that are overweight and have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol have a greater risk of developing Alzheimer's. Simply put, eat healthier foods, cut down on the sweets and walk 20 minutes two or three times a week to decrease your chances of Alzheimer's and many other diseases.


Water is critical to optimal health. We can go weeks without food because of the way the body stores it. The essential and necessary water is depleted quickly making it necessary to drink within 3 days to sustain life. Water makes up about half of our bodies and is in every cell and tissue in the body. Try to drink at least eight to ten glasses a day for optimal health.



Coronary Artery Disease

A large number of men and women that have coronary heart disease die within a month of having symptoms. It is very important to know the symptoms!

1. Most heart attacks cause pressure or pain in the center of the chest. This pain can last for a few minutes, or it can go away and come back. It is usually experienced by the feeling of pressure, pain, fulness, or squeezing sensations.

2. Not all symptoms are in the chest, it can also be pain in the stomach, neck, arms, jaw or back.

3. Shortness of breath either before or during pain.

4. Light Headedness, breaking out in a cold sweat or nausea can also be additional symptoms. 


Fiber, Anyone? 

A high fiber diet improves digestion, and aids in the functions of the gall bladder and liver. Fiber also comes in two types: Insoluble, and soluble. Soluble includes apples, dried beans, potatoes, and citrus fruits. Insoluble includes whole grains, seeds, cereals and many fruit and vegetable skins. It is recommended to have 30 grams daily.

 3 Tips To Ease Stress?

1. Avoid poor morale, and people who behave and speak negatively.

2. Have a daily quiet time to reflect and focus on inner peace and your minds well being.

3. Clear your mind and body by inhaling and exhaling slowly for about five or ten minutes a few times each day.


Healing Baths, Anyone? You know how relaxing a bath can be, but you may not know how theraputic one can be by adding a few natural ingredients.

Vinegar: One cup of apple cider vinegar in the water and a splash over your shoulders, back and chest will drive away fatigue. It also will boost the natural germ killing ability of the skin. Two cups in the bath will soothe poison ivy and sunburn.

Bran: Put several handfuls of oat bran or wheat into a porous cloth and close. Let it soak for a few minutes in hot water while preparing your bath. Take the porous filled cloth into the bath and squeeze it continually until the water turns cloudy. This is great for skin irritations.

Pine: One capful of pine extract (NOT PINE CLEANSER!) in the bath opens clogged pores, relieves muscle fatigue and helps heal rashes.

Salt: While sitting on the side of a warm water filled bath tub, fill a cupped hand with salt and slowly add water into it until it forms a paste. Using circular motions, work it all over your body, then enter the warm tub to rinse. Be careful not to rub it into cuts, sores, etc. This is great for relieving stress and fatigue. This also has energizing effects. 



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