Back Safety




 The spinal column is made up of vertebral bones that protect the spinal cord (nerves) that run from the brain to all parts of the body for the transmission of neural "messages". In between the vertebral bones are intervertebral disks that allow limited flexibility of the spinal column and to cushion against shock to the spine.


Spine Shape Awareness
 The spine has 3 curves. Just under the skull, there is a small curve inwards. Next, in the middle is a larger curve outwards. And at the bottom, there is another curve inwards. It is important to allow the spinal column to keep this natural shape as much as you can while exercising.

Don't Twist, Step
In order not to overstrain the spinal column during exercise and possibly pinch nerves when lifting things, the intervertabral disks will compress and it is very important not to twist which could strain the disk and rupture it. Step in the direction you need to go.

How To Lift
When lifting heavy objects, you want to keep the natural curve of your back while leaning slightly forward with your head up and bend at the knees, then lift with your legs.

Back Injuries Can Happen To Anyone, Anytime!
Lift Properly!

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