Controlling Fat Cells




When you eat a cookie, candy bar, pie, etc.  It gets absorbed in the small intestine and is carried by the blood to different cells in the body. Fat cells are converted very easily into body fat and have twice the caloric value than stored carbs and proteins. By the time we reach adulthood, there are billions of fat cells in the body. With fat being so easily stored, this can be a big problem because as the current fat cells fill up, they can also multiply which makes fat storage practically limitless. Once a new fat cell is made, it stays with you for life. And only when carbs and proteins aren't readily available to use for energy is when fat is used, which can make weight loss very difficult.


Fat Cells Pertaining To  Women

Women have more fat storage in their belly, hips, and butt mainly because they are meant to not only carry nourishment for themselves, but also for pregnancy and nursing. Which makes this fat so resilient and harder to get rid of. Also, during weight loss, belly fat is burned first, then the thighs and butt. Women do not have as much muscle (muscle burns more calories per pound) which causes a slower metabolism.


Fat Cells Pertaining To Men

Men were only made to carry nutrition for themselves and generally gain most weight in the belly area. The belly area fat is easily burned as compared to hips and butt fat stores. The downside to fat storage in the belly area is the increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and heart disease. Men are naturally more muscular and muscle burns more fat per pound which causes a higher metabolism.


We Hope This Gives A Clearer Picture Of What Happens To Fat From Absorption To How It Affects The Male And Female Gender.


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