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 What If I Receive A Sports Injury During Exercise?

 For minor injuries, remember the acronym R.I.C.E. These letters stand for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Of course, with any injury, please seek a Medical Professional.

How Important Is A Warm Up Or Cool Down In A Fitness Plan?

Not warming up or cooling down during an exercise session increases the risk of injury. When you Warm up, you get the blood flowing and gets the muscles to performance level. Also, lactic acid will build up in a cold muscle and cause fatigue quicker, where with the blood flowing thru a warm muscle, dissipates the lactic acid giving longer endurance. Cooling down exercises bring the heart down to normal operation gradually and keeps blood flowing, otherwise the blood will settle and may result in unnecessary cramping and light headedness.

How Effective Is Only Exercising Three Or Four Times A Week?

Exercising three or four times a week has great benefits. It will keep your metabolism raised consistently which aids in burning fat, while you are also strengthening the muscles, heart, and bones. 

Where Can I Find Motivation To Exercise?

Having a workout partner, where you can encourage each other. Fitness magazines have motivating articles that can help also. You might consider group activities, such as, aerobics classes, basketball, soccer, softball, golf, tennis, etc. If you can afford it, a personal trainer will provide motivation and you have the convenience of their services, and can work with you one on one for proper exercise techniques, which can also cut down on sports injuries that can be very discouraging. 

How Do I Build Muscles?

You need to use weight machines, free weights, or resistant bands. To build bulk, you need to use a heavier weight with low repetitions ( only pressing the weight a few times) until exhaustion, being careful not to over do it by stopping before the first hint of pain. Be sure to eat healthily and consistently to nourish those repairing muscles. Also rest a couple of days between lifting so the muscles fully repair, which is how they get bigger. On your rest days, doing cardio will strengthen your heart and lungs and keep your metabolism rate up. Alternating weight lifting and aerobic exercises will give you a total body fitness routine.

 How Do I Just Tone My Body?

To tone your body, you need to use free weights, weight machines, or resistant bands. How you use them is to use lighter weight with higher repetitions (pressing the weight many times). This tones and lengthens the muscles and prevents bulking of the muscle. I recommend a stretching period after the toning training for flexibility.

How Do I Strengthen My Heart And Lungs?

You strengthen the heart and lungs by doing cardiovascular exercise. These include running, jumping rope, speed walking, aerobics classes, etc. Try to work your way up to three or four days a week for maximum gains in this area. Cardiovascular exercises also keeps the metabolism raised for excellent fat burning. 

Will I Benefit From Only Exercising One Or Two Days A Week?

That is the whole idea, which is to get up and get moving! Even if it is a day or two a week. And as time goes by, as your efforts pay off and if you are so inclined, you can add an extra day, then two. It is important to stay comfortable with your fitness plan to avoid discouragement, but keep that thought and keep moving! 

Are There Any Gains In Doing The Same Exercise Every Day And Not Increasing Intensity?

If you only do the same exercise continually at the same intensity, you will eventually stop gaining muscle. Don't get me wrong, daily exercise is excellent. But without variety in exercises and intensity, you may even plateau where you will go thru periods of not losing weight, which can have negative impacts and hinder your routine. If you are at it everyday anyway, add a new exercise or two here and there and push yourself a little harder. You will be able to tell a difference.  

How Many Hours Of Sleep Is Necessary For Proper Health?

You need as a very minimum, four hours of sleep. If you are physically active, try and shoot for six to eight hours for peak performance. 

Should I Be Perspiring When I Workout?

 The rule of thumb used to be that if you are not perspiring, you are not hydrating enough and you may even be dehydrated. Now we know that because of heredity, that the perspiring glands act differently in each person. Follow A Daily Hydration Plan and keep a bottle of water with you as you workout and keep sipping and you will be fine.

What If I Just Have One Trouble Spot That Needs Reducing?

It can be very difficult to just focus weight loss in one area and can eventually discourage you. The best rule of thumb is to find an aerobic activity that you like. This will work the cardiovascular system, which in turn will raise your metabolism and burn fat all over and especially in that trouble spot. When you start weight loss, keep in mind that the stomach is usually the first area you will notice the most fat loss. But you can't go wrong, because aerobic exercise will give you total body fitness benefits. 

What Is The Harm In Overdoing My Workouts?

When you overdo your workouts, you risk tearing small fiber tissues which will lead to sports injury and can be very discouraging. Just slowly increase the intensity so the body can adjust and you will be able to stick to an exercise program practically trouble free. Be sure to give yourself a day or two between workouts for rest and proper muscle repair. 

Are There Negative Benefits To Only Lifting Weights?

Lifting weights is great for increasing muscle mass. The thing is that you are neglecting the most important part of the body that needs conditioning also. I would recommend adding aerobic exercises to your routine that will strengthen your heart and lungs, thus giving you a total body conditioning program. 

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