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 Crunches, Anyone? Lie down flat and bend your knees like the picture on the left. Touch gently behind your ears with your fingertips. Look up at the ceiling with your chin up. You should not pull with your hands or feel any strain in your neck as you crunch. Raise your shoulders a few inches off the ground by pulling with your stomach while exhaling. Hold this position for 2 or 3 seconds while tightening your stomach. Slowly lower your shoulders until your shoulder blades touch the floor while inhaling. (Your shoulders should still be off the floor.) Raise again while exhaling and hold for a couple more seconds and continue this for about a minute. Repeat as much as  you are able. If you do not feel like your stomach is tight and tense, you are not doing them properly.


 Bored Much? When we become bored, depressed, sad or angry, it is very easy to crave a high-fat food. Here are 20 things that you can do to keep the cravings to a minimum.
1. Brush your teeth and gargle.
2. Take a nap.
3. If someone upset you, call or write them.
4. Treat yourself to a non-food gift.
5. Snack on a carrot, rice cake or an apple.
6. Meditate
7. Leave the room for 10 minutes.
8. Gossip with a co-worker.
9. Splash cool water on your face.
10. Walk some stairs.
11. Drink a couple of glasses of water.
12. Take a walk.
13. Take a bath.
14. Go to a movie.
15. Cuddle with your better half.
16. Call a friend.
17. Eat some fruit.
18. Play on the computer.
19. Walk to the watercooler, drink, and walk back.
20. Go over your schedule for next week.   

Visualize Skinny?

Get Comfortable
Have a seat in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and let your body relax. Let your mind become clear and picture a warming light shining down on you, or beautiful scene such as the beach, meadow or the sky.
Visualize Food Rejection While in this quite calm place, start t0 picture the high fat foods that you are used to turning to and slowly see them pass you by in your mind and picture yourself not wanting these foods anymore. After a little of this visualization, picture in your mind healthy replacement foods for these rejected high fat foods.
A Slender You
Picture yourself becoming slimmer, clothes feeling looser, and revel in the feeling of meeting your goal of a healthier you. In as little as 15 minutes a day, the results will surprise you.


Fun Weight Loss Ideas 

 + Set goals and make plans to meet them.
 + Eat before you go out to avoid cravings.
+ When cravings occur, distract yourself for 10 minutes and it usually will pass.
 + Clean out the pantry because you can't rely on willpower.
 + Treat yourself occasionally, but make it so you have to go out, don't have it handy.
 + Don't torture yourself by depending on a scale reading, experience your clothes becoming looser instead.
 + Read all you can about weight loss, diet, nutrition, and exercise. Every little tip gets you closer to your goal.


 Caf or Decaf ?
Caffeine in excess  causes alertness but not without side effects. These side effects include anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, muscle tension and headaches. It also raises blood pressure, cholesterol and your heart rate. Knowing these side effects, most people think about drinking decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee does avoid the jittery, anxiety feelings but there is a substance in both caffeinated and decaffeinated that raise cholesterol. You can brew decaffeinated coffee thru a paper filter and the cholesterol raising substances will be  removed making it caffeine and cholesterol free.

 Dangerous Habits? Find information about your habit, whether it be food, drink, cigarette, etc. Read about the substance in question and absorb the side effects, dangers, etc. Let it seep into your consciousness and give it some time to register in your mind. Next examine how the substance makes you feel and how it affects your body. Does it change your personality, relationships, your outlook on life? Does it cause irregular heartbeats, fatigue, mood changes, muscular tension, or worry? The more conscious you become to the effects of the substance, the easier it is to change your life because Information helps to change behavior.


25 Activities and How Many Calories
Are Burned In A Half An Hour.


Aerobics Classes and Video Tapes------------
Cross-Country Skiing------------------------
Cross-Country Ski Machines-----------------
Elliptical Training----------------------------
Inline Skating--------------------------------
Jogging And Treadmill Running--------------
Jumping Rope-------------------------------
Power Walking-------------------------------
Stationary Cycling----------------------------
Step Aerobics--------------------------------
Stepping And Stairclimbing Machines--------
Water Aerobics------------------------------
Yard Work-----------------------------------

100 (1Mile)
200 (1 Mile)
100 (1 Mile)



 How Does Aerobic Exercise Work, You Ask? During exercise exertion, the body needs an increased supply of Oxgyen for energy. As you breathe in, oxygen is deposited into your blood supply by the lungs and is delivered to the muscles by your beating heart. In the muscles, the oxygen breaks down fat, carbohydrate, and protein into the energy that your muscles need to function. This also causes your heart to pump at a faster rate which increases your metabolism and burns calories, which may eventually increase your metabolic rate. The metabolic rate keeps the body burning calories even when you are not exercising and improves your body's ability to burn fat. As your level of aerobic fitness increases, your heart, lungs, and muscles become more efficient making it longer for you to become tired. Aerobic activity does not build muscle, but makes the muscles more toned and you will lose fat, making you look leaner. For that reason, your clothes will become looser before you notice a difference in weighing on your scales. Consistent Aerobic exercise, gives you more energy, reduces depression and anxiety, which also makes you feel better emotionally. Some experts say that exercise elevates your mood by freeing your mind from everyday concerns.    More >


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