Proper Nutrition For A Healthy Lifestyle
(A No-Nonsense Approach)


Introduction: We Recommend Eating the traditional 3 meals a day with 2 snacks. We Don't recommend trying  drastic diets or starting diet pills. The reason the sudden change of eating habits only lasts temporarily with more weight gain to come is because it shocks the body. The body rejects the new plan which causes a starvation mode where the body stores everything you give it. To Prevent Body Shock, Remember To Make Small Changes Over A Period Of Time That The Body Can Adjust To Slowly And Comfortably. When It Comes To Applying Proper Nutrition And Fitness To Your Daily Routine, Patience Is A Virtue! 

 Meals: Just like consistent water consumption, also there must be consistent food consumption. Especially now that you are committing yourself to a fitness plan, you need the nutrition now more than ever. Make sure that most of your meals are healthy. We're not talking salads 3 times a day (which will cause body shock). Just simply cut down on the fattening foods like burgers, fries, pizza, practically anything fast food if eaten for all your meals will hinder any weight loss and have little if any health benefits.

Don't just all of a sudden cut out all fast food (which will cause body shock) just simply treat yourself to the occasional fast food meal instead of living only off of them. Try to have your evening meal no later than 5 or 6 o'clock. (This doesn't apply to your Friday Night Date of having a few drinks and a late meal) By all means enjoy yourself, life is short, but proper nutrition and fitness can prolong life.

Snacks: We recommend two snacks a day.If you have a "sweet tooth" try to have your sweet snack between lunch and dinner. The second snack (between dinner and bedtime) should be healthier, preferably a banana, apple, etc. with a glass of water. The reason to avoid sweets for the last snack of the day is that it causes a rapid rise in blood sugar and a quick drop which triggers more feelings of hunger and you can practically get caught up in eating a lot at night to satisfy this hunger which will hinder your efforts.

The body basicly regulates (to put it simply) overnight anything it has taken in. If you have a banana for instance with a glass of water as a night snack, it will give you great rewards in the overnight regulation process.

Controlling The Full Signal: Something else to consider is that it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that you have taken in enough food to satisfy. When food is taken in, it goes to the stomach where it is churned while enzymes are added which enables the nutrients to be absorbed in the intestines. Not until the prepared food starts entering the small intestine does the "Full" signal get sent. With this in mind, eat a meal and if the feeling of hunger is still there, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you are still hungry, another glass of water might do the trick. I know this is rough at first, but if you can endure  it, you will reap great rewards.

Creating A Healthy Habit: It takes about 3 months to create a habit. Saying this, let me put it into context for you. If you consistently exercise, follow the water and food consumption guidelines for 3 months (it will be difficult) then it will move into a habit or a daily routine. The body will crave the exercise and proper consumption of healthier food and it won't be such a struggle. It will come more naturally to you.

Just a little last thing to add, is not to torture yourself by weighing on a scale often because you will be adding muscle along with weight loss and it probably will not show much progress on the scales. Instead, experience your clothes getting looser.

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