Understanding Cravings




Cravings Can be traced back to a childhood food eaten that gave pleasure, a habit of getting a candy bar in the breakroom around 3:00pm for a little pick me up, or needing that morning donut.


How Cravings Start
None the less, it all basicly boils down to how these foods trigger chemical responses in the body. For instance, when you eat that 3:00pm candy bar, it causes the body to produce insulin that raises the tryptophan levels which are converted into serotonin which the body finds pleasurable. And you will need to seek that candy bar more and more as the body associates this food with the flood of serotonin.


Healthy Alternatives That Work 
The Good News Is that a healthy carbohydrate laden food (such as starchy veggies, or grain breads) will trigger that same effect. Just simply pack a whole grain turkey wrap, sandwich, or a pre-baked potato that can be reheated in a minute with the microwave in the breakroom. And slowly change these craving associations  to a  healthier choice food.


Importance Of Gradual Changes
"Body Shock" also applies here, if your body has associated this candy bar for what it needs for awhile, there needs to be a gradual transition to the baked potato, or grain bread sandwich. The body is all about complex chemical processes and is very sensitive to SUDDEN changes. And the general public needs to be educated to understand the importance of making small, gradual changes over a period of time for the body to adjust comfortably.


Food Addiction Is A Reality!

If you just suddenly stop that mid-afternoon candy bar, the body will crave it even more and you will not be able to stick to a healthier choice of foods as easily.





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